2015 best map for FMF

Im sure this is posted somewhere but im in a time crunch and need a map by this weekend


2015 YZ450

FMF 4.1 slip

Twin air power flow intake

cyrca powerflow shrouds

eleavation is 500 



what the best map for that thanks 

Not really a BEST its rider preference track conditions etc.. drd has a few good maps mxa has a dull boring one and also a few on here

Fuel injected bikes automatically allow for the elevation changes and any mods that change the airflow in or out of the enine. So changing the map is not vital to your bike running properly. It can however change the "feel" of the bike, and how the power comes on.

You can make the bike feel smoother down low for more control, or make it quite snappy to blast out of corners if the track offers enough grip.

It's all down to personal preference though. On my '11 I run the Jay Marmont map with a full stainless yoshimura exhaust, and a Funnelweb filter. It ran perfectly without the mapping change, but the power curve "feels" stronger and more controlled.

If you can get your hands on a power tuner for few rides to try out a few maps it will be worth your while. Nothing like having a bike that behaves exactly how you like it

so it wont hurt it running the stock map... with those upgrades 

No way. That's why they have a heap of sensors and a computer, to make sure the air/fuel mixture always fits the mapping. As long as you use good quality, high octane fuel you will be fine

Actually they only have an air temp and coolant temp sensor. For actual afr changes it would need an o2 sensor in the pipe. Therefore it cannot alter afr for mods and such.

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