Help in So. Orange County, CA

Is there anybody that can help me out w/ the BK mod??? I am severely, mechanically challenged and will bring my bike 02 YZ426 to your house, accompanied w/ pizza and beverage of your choice, plus all necessary stuff (jets, ect... I need a list) I haven't had a bike in 11 years and I thought I had my bike pretty dialed in but.... I was out at Glen Helen last Saturday and had 2 of my friends ride and said there is a hesitation down low in power band. I have heard good things about the BK.

Thanks in advance.


[ February 19, 2002: Message edited by: Sparky So Cal ]

Sparky, I would tell you to bring it over, but you can't really fire it up around my place without pissing someone off. I get my new 450 in a little over a week, and I will be out at Glen Helen hopefully next Saturday. I would be more than happy to help you out then. If your still having trouble by next week, let me know and I'll meet you out there.



I'm reasonably mechanically inclined, but I'd hate to mess up your bike. You are more than welcomed to bring it to my place in Mission Viejo and have some other helpful TTer perform the mod if they can't fire it up in their neighborhood.

Lemme know.

Yo Sparky, I'll help you out with it. I'll be in Adelanto this weekend if you want to do it out there. Or, I work in Burbank and we could do it at my shop. It will only take 10 minutes. PS, your bike might have a short squirt duration already and might not need it.

Does the BD apply to the 02's?

Dan :)

Hey Im in Yorba Linda, and my neighbors dont care about noise too much. So im fairly close. If ya want send me a message and I'll send ya my phone number and we can hook up.

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