Clutch Issues

Hello all, so ive done a clutch redo before (aka new plates and springs) but this one is stumping me im a little rusty, basically my clutch was really hard so i got a new cable and adjusted it and it got a little easier to pull but still stiff. i replaced the plates and this is where i need help. Should the bolts on the springs be tightened until they stop and then torque them? when i do that it gets harder to pull. i screwdriver tightened them all the way and then backed them off 2 turns and that made it easier to pull in (still stiff) and the action seemed the same. Can anybody help please? Thanks

Tighten them until they stop and then set them to the proper torque which im pretty sure is 5.8 ft lbs. If you think its too stiff of a clutch buy an ez pull clutch system.

Thanks for the help, got it tightened up and just ordered an ez pull system

The correct torque is 7.2 ft/lb (87 in/lb)

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