Question about clutch basket

Hey guys i recently rebuilt my motor and it has been good but my clutch has been draging. I ripped apart the clutch to find out my inner hub was stuck to the bssket. Im ghinking i over tightend it dince i used an impact gun. I loosened the nut and tightend it agsin but not to much and its better now. The inner hub spins now but every couple turns semms to get a little tight then spins frer again. If i loosen the nut more it spins fine but i feel it is too loose. Also if i grab the basket from a finfer on top and one on the bottom and wiggle it up and down therebis a tiny bit of play is this normal? I know theres bushings on the back of the clutch basket im not sure if there worn out.

If you have created an interference problem by over torquing, the place that would likely show up would be the back of the splines on the boss (hub).  You've probably made an impression of the splines in the otherwise flat surface of the boss that bears against the main shaft splines when it's torqued down, and that's allowing the boss to move inward toward the basket.  A new boss is the fix if this is the case.

Ok and what about up and down play and left and right is that just the bushing worn out im thinking im gona have to pick up a used basket and inner hub.

Sounds like it.

Sounds like it.

alrite found me a used hub hopefully everything is good after this. The  motor is running good now with new crank 

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