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Hello everyone!  Just took delivery of a new 2014 YZ450f here in Virginia.  I took it for a quick spin around the neighborhood before throwing it in the garage and my first thought was  Holy shit; what did I get myself into.  I'm 38 and have owned and ridden many street bikes in my time but this thing is a completely different animal and I can't wait to get it in the dirt.  


I read the MXA review on the 2014 and one thing it mentioned was that the bike is very lean; would it make sense to richen it up a bit using a tuner and would that in turn make it run a little cooler?  Here is a link to the map suggested by MXA:


Anyways, looking forward to reading the vast amount of posts on here and learning as much as I can about these machines.

What a lot of people say about the MXA map is that it's 'filthy rich"; too far to the rich side.


BTW, running lean won't make a four-stroke run hot, and running rich won't make it run cooler.  Four-stroke engines are enormously more tolerant of sub-optimal fuel mixtures than two-strokes are, and lean mixtures are not at all dangerous to them until they get so lean that the engine starts to show signs of running badly because of it.  These would include stumbling, irregular misfiring, and pinging. 


On the other hand, the bike may seem to run OK on a mixture so rich that it contaminates the engine oil with gas constantly, reducing its effectiveness, and interferes with piston lubrication. 


Re-mapping should be based on what you like, not what the wrecking crew likes.  Try a bunch of different ones and see what works for you, and where and how you ride.

Thanks for the response and the info! Good to know I don't have to carry my 2 stroke concerns over to the new bike.

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