2008 yz450 suspension question.

Hi all, I have an 08 450 with stock springs. I weigh 190. I have the sag set at 100mm and the fork and shock compression are turned almost full stiff, but backed out 1 or 2 clicks. I only ride the bike at a track.

The suspension feels good and I don't bottom on any jumps but I was wondering if the suspension would work better if I got heavier springs and was able to back clicker settings to maybe 10 out or so?

Thanks to all who care to reply.

Is the balance OK? It doesn't want to tilt straight up or kick the rear high when you leave a standard jump? Then good rebound speed and rate. Does it rattle you on breaking bumps?

Thanks for quick reply. No it feels good and I do a lot of seat bounce jumping. It tracks well through braking bumps and generally feels good, I was just wondering if I'm not utilizing the suspension since i have it set so stiff.

If it's not rattling you like a paint shaker and you're not bottoming I'd say you're fairly close. I'm a woods guy tho so maybe some of the mx guys have deeper input

I think at 190 you are on the verge of needing stiffer springs but its probably not crucial.  Talk to a suspension guy.


Have you tried backing out the compression clickers?

Yeah I have tried backing the clickers back but then the bike bottoms and feels too harsh. I talked to a suspension guy today and I decided I'm going up a rate in the front and rear, he said the suspension will work better since I have the compression cranked in so stiff. Thanks for the help guys, I will report back when I get it done.

Well, merely changing the suspension oil will make a huge difference in control, as the puke that comes stock in KYB is dead in about 25 hours.....


Yes, a re-spring and a re-valve will make a substantial improvement over the level of ride you have now.


You will be amazed.

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