Water Pump Impeller removal 05 WRF450

Hey all,


I've read a lot about needeing to rmove the case to get the impeller out, but also that it can be done with a  wrench while holding the kick starter in place. Anybody here actually got that to work? Not sure which direction to turn?


Total Newb when it comes to repairs here!


Just did mine last weekend when I put on the Boyesen pump on. 2006 model

Take a ratchet and turn the blades lefty-loosy. As you turn you'll hear the engine spin and notice when it's on compression (gets harder) I put it just to that point and hit the ratchet with a rubber hammer. After hitting and going back to compression a few times and doing over, it broke loose.

I did the same thing to tighten it. All reality I think my dewalt 20v impact would have worked too (I was being lazy as it was inside and I didn't want to go get it)

Then there was the guy who broke the drive tang off the impeller shaft because he took a short-cut by leaving the crankcase cover on...:excuseme:


He found the extra $30 expense to be somewhat annoying.

Thanks for the advice, rah7777777 and grayracer513. I went ahead and ordered a new cover gasket so I will remove the cover after all. I also have an experienced neighbor riding shotgun, so I should be OK after all.

I didn't even know there was a need to take a cover off. I didn't read any instructions, just dove in. Glad I didn't mess anything up.

Very interesting. Learn something new everyday.

What exactly can break?

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