I went to a welding/gas supply today. Wanted to buy nitrogen & regulator. They do not carry regulators between 150psi and 500psi. A shock needs 175. My point is a 500psi regulator is 335.00. I would just like my own setup so I don't have to go to a shop when ever I service it. That was a little more money than I expected. Is there a less expensive way or is this the only way? I have no clue


I don't think there is a cheap way around this.

K&L Supply is the sourch for welding tank regulators used for suspension refill. It's what most shops use.

In addition to this, you'll still need a guage. I tried a Race-Tech unit once, but returned it and purchased a Motion Pro system. About $160.

If you don't want to go with the welder tank and regulator, you may be able to get a used paint ball tank that has the regulator built in. These sell on E-Bay for about $150 at best. Most paintball shops can refill them. Search for "nitrogen".

And of course you'll need to adapt the two, but that shouldnt take too much.

At best case, I don't think you'll get into this for any less than $250 or so.

I have local shops I take mine to at $6 to $8 per fill. You'll be surprised how many moto stores do this.

Good luck and here are some links.


I have the Race Tech gauge/regulator combo and am very happy with it. I tried and tried to get a decent cheap set up and just couldn't do it. After wasting a good bit of time and money, I went ahead and coughed up the bucks for the right thing.

Our bike shops are weak here in N.J. Nobody has nitrogen within 1 hour from my house. I did however get my shock filled today for just 33.00 dollars (ouch) Lucky my seat is soft)LOL.

Now you can see why I would like my own set up.

Later. A.J.

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