YZ 426 advice.

Hey everyone I'm looking for some advice about a YZ 426. I have a really good friend that knows a guy selling one so I'm curious to know what a good offer would be. It has a few issues that I will need to get fixed. First off it has some kind of carb issue which I'm not quite sure what the problem may be but it hasn't run in quite a few years and needs a new decompression cable and throttle cables and definitely a really good look over the plastics and seat are trashed so it looks like it needs a lot of help and it currently does not run.

Pass on it lol its a money pit and parts are hard to find

Wll those parts you mentioned are on ebay right now about 200 $ for all of it. Carb prolly just needs a good deep clean after sittin so long. Id check it out good and make sure its got good compression then pick it apart and give him a lowball offer

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