00 yz426 is it worth $1200?

Found one local that runs and rides.

Rode it around the street block and didn't really get on it or see what it feels like wide open.

It does have an fmf full exhaust on it.

Tires are decent with tread.

Forks are barely leaking or are starting to.

Brake pads are worn but still useable for a little while.

Front rim may have a slight bend to it.

Plastics are pretty good lookn for a 2000.

Started after a couple of kicks when cold.

Over all for a 2000 it looks pretty good.



Now he wants $1000 for it

I just picked up an 02 for 1500 pretty decent shape that's about what they go for around me so I would say 1000 is fair bikes like cars are worth as much as someone is willing to pay I usually look at the kbb and nada and take the average of two for value and try not to pay to much


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That looks nice

I paid 1600 for mine 2 months ago.  I then put a race tech suspension on it and did some maintenance items, chain, sprockets, levers, grips, etc.

my bike 1.png

my bike.png

What year did you find holg?

What year did you find holg?


I paid $1850 Canadian for my 2002 last April. The guy wanted $2250 originally and he threw in a new front tire, had a new back tire on it, and he gave me a bunch of new with tags jerseys, pants, gloves, and his used boots. I'd say I got a good deal for the local Canadian market where I am

The lowest he's going is $1000 now, I'm sure it'll sell at that price

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