Steel Rear Sprockets?

What are your experiences with steel rear sprockest? It seems to me if they last longer, and are 1/2 the price an extra pound is worth it. What brands of steel are good, or are they all the same? Any shared experiences would be greatly appreaciated.

Brian, I read somewhere that the steel sprockets last much longer...but some people have broken hubs when rocks get jammed between chain and sprocket.The steel doesn't give.

I saw this last week on TT and bought this sprocket but haven't installed it yet. The sales rep states this sprocket weighs 4 oz more than a renthal aluminum. It does feel heavier, but boy did they machine some material away. I hope it is a good as advertised.

Rocky mountian ATV. Rear sprockets $14.99

Front $6.99 Steel sprockets. Now that is cheap. And they have worked great for me since i have been using them. plus the BEST customer service anywhere. And a DID 520X120 for 31.99. that is the best i have ever seen. As far as buying a sunstar goes give the cheapos a try first. you might be surprised.

I have always ran steel sprockets for durability and cost reasons. I have a Renthal aluminum sprocket on my 426.....NEVER again! The teeth are actually bending and burring from contact with the chain rollers. As soon as it gets too bad to run, I'm getting a Sunstar steel sprocket.

BTW-I have a Renthal O-ring chain as well. It stretches every ride. After about 2 hrs of riding, it needs to be tightened. :)

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