No spark - 2012 WR 450

I just installed a new Safari fuel tank on my WR. The bike was working perfectly before the install. I poured some fuel in the tank, the engine fired up right away, but it only ran for 10 seconds and quit.


I couldn't restart so I pulled the tank off to check things over and eventually discovered there was no spark. The bike has very low hours. I'll assume that I bumped something when I replaced the tank, but I can't find anything wrong, and it's strange that it ran for 10 seconds.


Anybody have any ideas? Is there a sensor that would kill the spark if it sensed something off kilter?


I had to unwrap the wiring harness a bit to allow the fuel pump wires to reach the new location, but no wires were cut or stretched, and if they were then the bike wouldn't have initially ran. I'm stumped.





450 April 2015.jpeg

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After searching a bit more here I'm thinking I hit the lean angle sensor, which is located under the fuel tank. I see that the bike will run a few seconds on it's side then shut off, so I'm guessing I bumped or bent the sensor so it thinks the bike is laying down. 

I agree lean angle sensor.

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