Yamaha WR426 popping

Hey guys, been riding for awhile and am close to getting this thing plated and maybe even sumo'd. Only have one issue, the exhaust is pretty damn loud and pops alot even after its warmed up. I don't think it's jetted too lean, if anything its prop a little too rich. I don't even need the choke to start it. Should I go through the carb again anyway? I have an older FMF Q series muffler on it and just repacked it but its still way loud and popping alot. Any suggestions are well appreciated.

Adjust your fuel screw out

Before you go tweaking the carb at all, be sure the exhaust joints from the head back to the silencer are sealing adequately.  You start chasing an exhaust backfire around with the carb when it's really being caused by an air leak and you'll end up with a bike that runs dirty rich and pops anyway.

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