yz 426 throttle problem

Hi, I got a problem on my 2002 yz 426 and Im hopping I can get some help here... when I give it gas the acceleration stays that way it doesnt decelerate when I release the throttle I can get it to iddle again but I have to put it in gear brake and realease the cutch slowly to put the revs down but it doesnt always work and if I give it gas again the same thing happens. This happens cruising and on neutral.

For example if I rev it to 3000 rpm it stays like that then I rev it to 4000 rpm and stays like that but If I rev it too high it will go down to the same 4000 or so... these are just random numbers to give an example. The carb was rebuilt to try and fix that but it didnt work :/

Assuming that the throttle itself is not hanging up, you have a lean condition probably caused by either an air leak into the intake, or by one or more intake valves that are too tight. 


It could also be a simple carb issue, like a dirty pilot circuit.

Thanks for the quick reply. No its not the throttle and the carb is clean... I'll check the valves and if there's any air leak.

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