Aftermarket radiators

Has anyone used the aftermarket radiators instead of oem when replacing a damaged rad



GPI racing on ebay

Mixed results with them for me.  I used em on a 250 and they fit perfectly and cost only about $80 a pair.  I bought them for my 450 and the fit was so bad I thought they had sent me radiators for the wrong year.  So I returned them and got 1 stock.  They are probably welded by kids in a Chinese sweat shop.  Wearing cardboard with a slit instead of a real welding helmet.

I used a chinese knock-off because the price difference was so big. The chinese ones have two issues: 1) Fits and tolerances and 2) The thickness of the material. Cheap ones can be paper thin. You can tell by simple weight. Buy a chinese one and feel the weight difference.


All that said, I've had one for well over a year now and everything seems fine

My experience is the same as fly&ride...     


The chinese rads fit well on WR250, but they are a struggle on the 450.   The issue is the non-fill side

has the hose barbs sticking out too far from the surface of the rad.   one hits the fuel tank and the other

doesn't quite line up with the hole in the frame to connect to the other rad.   If you can manage to get

them on they do work well, and are a bit more durable than the stock rads due to the much thicker

aluminum.    If you crash and bend one you will probably be replacing it though because they cannot be

straightened as easily as stock rads.


But as bobpara points out, with the PAIR priced less than half the cost of ONE new stock rad, it still

isn't a bad deal if you can live with the fitment issues.  However, I have purchased quite a few sets of

these and all of them were very thick aluminum.  I have not come across any "paper thin" ones...

Yea in Canada I got quoted 340$ for one side and I can get both sides on eBay for 220$. That's a huge difference. I may also take it to a rad shop since it's just a pin hole leak

Thats another good point. I bet the Chinese use barf aluminum that splits if you look at it

Nice 2000 series aluminum, while more expensive, can be bent and formed just as easily as regular sheet metal

We used a Mishimoto on one side of a 08 WR and it works well.

"The chinese" radiators is pretty vauge.



The GPI company has been consistently the best, which is still not that great. The still ship the wrong radiators now and then, but they remidy the issues.

If you have a damaged radiator, try looking up Fontana Radiatorr Fontana CA.  They repair motorcycle radiators at a reasonable cost.  They look good a new when they are done.  Used them for years.

Mylers in Utah is awesome for repairing radiators.  Once my OEM radiators were beyond repair, I bought Fluidyne radiators for my WR426.  They fit great even with 3.4 gal IMS YZ style tank and YZ seat and seem to be very strong.  I've had them for quite a few years now and they are still in great shape.  Very little bending and squishing to be seen from falling/crashing that would have definitely bent the OEMs for sure.

I just pretzeled my right side rad. I ordered a replacement GPI racing rad. The prices seem to be a lot steeper than previously. I paid $110 for the right side only. I remember paying ~ $80 a few years back for both sides on my WR400. Anyone else notice this?

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