Asterisk Cell knee braces

Gentlemen, I am not trying to re-create the wheel here or cause the dreaded knee brace contraversy.

I am merely looking for some input from those of you who have used the Asterisk Cell braces. What are the pro's and con's? Thanks guys!


Ultra comfortable.

Great protection in crashes and twisting leg falls.

Adjustable knee lock angle to prevent reverse knee flex

Easy to take off after riding.

Comfortable fit that may require some additinal padding to customize to your leg.


Difficult to put on the plastic clips, they are a pain to engage yet easy to disengage.

Lacing system should use a flatter lace than a round lace.

Need knee sleeve under the braces (leg warmers)

Shin is very thick and is difficult to put under most boots if you have big calfs.

I padded out my fit in key spots to make them more comfortable for my fit.

Overall I like them better than the popular carbon fiber CTi2 and EVO since they are much more comfortable. I can ride all day in mine and not be dying to take them off.


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