2008 WR450FX Clutch push lever shaft bearing and seal

Anyone have any experience removing the clutch push lever shaft bearing and seal?  I am rebuilding the clutch and the existing push lever has a small amount of scoring.  The scoring looks like it is where the seal rides.  I am replacing it and want to replace the bearing and seal at the same time.  There is a clip that looks easy enough to remove but no where in the manual does it show how to remove the seal and bearing.  Not sure if I can pull it out or if has to pushed out from inside the crankcase.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


The seal is usually just a a matter of popping it out with a hook of whatever sort.  The bearing would need to be drawn out with a blind bearing puller on a small slide hammer.  Auto parts stores will often loan such things for free.  However, it is very unlikely that the bearing needs replacement, so unless you really have a reason, just leave it there. 

Thanks for the quick response, makes sense.  Will leave bearing alone.

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