The decibal level blues :-(

whats your age by the way? were all youngins. dont worry, im a newbie too, ive always ridden a 250, this is my first whole year on a 426. we usually ride whenever its dry and we wont freeze after about an hour of riding. so basically anything above 50-55 degrees. right now its kinda wet.

T4L... i am goin on 16 :) . You?

haha, sweet...i am 16, my friend with the tight track is 16, and my friend with the nice mx layout is 18<<<hes crazy he's gotta 72' triple that u have to have it nailed in 4th cuz the take off aint too steep. i see your selling ur 426....hopefully you are getting a new one soon? stop over at magnum powersports and check them out, the guys i mentioned all work there, they're pretty helpful and will cut u some fine deals. :)

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