WR400 Brake Light Switch

I am looking to add a hydraulic brake light switch to my 2000 WR400. Does anyone know if the "WB Hydraulic Brake Light Switch, Part No. 45-145" listed in the Electrical / Tail Lights section of the TT Store will fit my bike. I thought I have seen a couple of different sizes of switches available, but this one does not mention a size. Thanks for your help.

I got mine at denniskirk.com. It simply replaces the banjo bolt and fit my 99 400. It only took a minute to pop in and I didn't even have to bleed the brakes.

Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

part# 210370



Sorry to beat a dead horse here, but that Dennis Kirk part number 21-0370 says it "fits most European motorcycles; 10mm dia x 1.00mm thread pitch." DK part number 21-0369 says it fits most Japanese street & off-road motorcycles; 10mm x 1.25mm thread ptich. I would have guessed that the 1.25mm thread would have fit the WR. Can you or anyone confirm that the 10mm x 1.00mm fitting fits the WR rear brake? Thanks again.

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