99 YZ400F First thoughts/Problems

I bought a 99 yz400f for $1900 and was running great so far then had a problem but is now going good(will explian later).

It goes like a bat out of hell and pops wheelies left,right and center,Has been pretty reliable and normally take 1-3 kicks to start depending on how hot it is.Keeps up with most other bikes like 05 yz450fs,drz400s and kx250fs.

But does have some minor issues and had one major issue that has now been fixed

Major issue was when it started to run like crap and would flood so i pulled the carb off and found that the accelerator pump was full of crap(Pics below) and after 2 hours of cleaning and putting the carb back on it,Started first kick and went but backfires a little more than usual now when your thrashing on it(also pics of that below).

Minor issues:

Even me being 6'1 I still find it a little tall which doesn't help with starting.

Front wheel seem slightly too thin,idk of its the factory size but I find it awkward going d round paddocks and track as the wheel was to sledge every where.

But after that the bike has been awesome and way better than my old bike a Suzuki dr200.

And I'm only 15 and and have had this bike in a million pieces so anyone else doesn't have an excuse that they can work on there's.












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