2008 Yamaha YZF 450

Hey all, new to the site. Got a few questions. I got a 08 Yamaha YZF 450 this spring, just came off a 08 rmz 250 and this Yamaha seams to be a hand full in the woods, I ride in northern michigan and I like the tight technical woods. The Yamaha seams to stall very easily and I was wondering what would be the best solution to this. Clutch feels good and operates on the two trackers just fine but in the tight stuff I have a hard time with it stalling. My gearing is 14/50. We ride a lot of mixed stuff so I don't want to sacrifice one for the other would just like a happy medium. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Stock gearing is 13/48, so it's as if you had a 13/47 right now.  One tooth taller than stock.


The YZ450 is a high-strung, purpose-built MX bike with as little rotating mass in the ignition as they can get away with.  Raise the idle just a little, and run it on the lean side of ideal, and you'll have fewer flame-outs. 

I've heard of people putting flywheel weights on them to help, ever hear of that?

Yes, it helps.  I actually helps more than the stalling, too, but it's still going to be prone to it.

Learn to ride with a finger on each lever at all times and feather the clutch when needed. I rarely stall mine in tight single track. Flywheel weight helps, but I don't have one and no plans to get one

In fact, the reason I became such a big fan of heavier than stock flywheels has more to do with making smoother power available at lower RPM's and improving traction than it does stalling resistance.  It also makes more difference on the pre-EFI models than the later ones because the flywheel on the injected bikes is already almost as heavy as a stock WR flywheel, because of the increased electrical needs on the new bikes.  The OEM flywheel on the '03 - '09 models is smaller than the gas cap is, and even adding weight to one leaves them relatively very light. 


The ultimate cure for stalling is a Rekluse clutch.

I typically ride with one finger on each lever, and feather the clutch a lot but my biggest problem is low speed in the woods, no trails, just straight woods riding, climbing logs, rocks, running through trees stuff of that nature. I never had this problem with the 250 and I understand it's a much bigger bike and I will have to change my riding style to adjust, just wondering what mechanically might help. Thanks for the help.

I do like the idea of the rekluse and I am still researching them. I plan to get one eventually but being a first time home buyer that's in the bottom of the list for this year. Lol. I hear there amazing though.

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Rekluse made it harder for me for technical riding, you won't see any trials riders running them for a reason. Less control/feedback from the bike. Get a flywheel weight.

If you had a trials bike, you might not need one, but you don't.  I have none of the complaints you listed, and in fact, I find the opposite, especially in bad traction on rocky climbs.

Take a look at post #2. I run 13/49 on mine.

Correction..... I've got a 13/50. Just double checked it. For some reason I thought it was a 14 front tooth. Sorry.

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