426 Supermoto Electrical Help!

Ive tired supermoto junkie but that hasnt been much help so im trying here. So im building my first supermoto right now but im having trouble on how to wire the stator through the regulator/rectifier and into the battery. Here is a diagram i have of the parts i have to work with and actual pictures. If im right or wrong id appreciate help. The stator has 2 yellow wires coming out but the reg/rect has 1 yellow input top right, but the site says the bottom left should be a white wire but on diagrams ive seen the white puts out ac too so i just assume its the same as the second yellow. Then the reg/rect has a black ground on the bottom right. Then it has a red wire with a 12v dc output and i have a 30amp inline fuse to put on. Thanks!




If its like the mini bikes, one yellow you ground out.

Don't quote me on that but its what I've seen before.

The way it's drawn looks pretty clear to me.  Plug the two yellows in as shown, and run the black to ground, and the red is your DC power lead. 

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