Squeeky front forks!!

Hi all.

I just finished putting a 10.5kg spring in the back and .47's in the front. All work done per the factory manual. I used 3wt and went with 120mm levels to start with. Got it all back together and .. the forks squeek. The manual says this could be due to low oil levels?! I have not ridden the bike yet but simply have been comressing the forks on the garage floor. Could this simply be a case where I need to "break the forks in"? What do you think? I'm considering tearing them down and double checking the oil levels one more time since this is the first time I have ever done this.

It's probably nothing to worry about, but it might be worth checking them out further to be safe. One thing you can quickly try is to remove the fork cap and turn the spring a quarter turn or so, then put the fork cap back on and see if it still squeeks.


Thank you again for tha advice! I'll try your suggestion tonight and let you know what happens! Thanks again! BTW, does the 120mm, 9clicks out on compression and 9 clicks out on rebound sound about right for a start point? (250lbs W/gear)

Thanks again!


My Bud ThumpDaddy650 put Eibachs in his front forks and his sounds like some ol' spring matress when we tie his bike down! :)

when you put the oil in did you pump the forks? 120 is the minimum amount-so if you didnt pump then go back in there and take a more accurate measurement.

Yeah I can't remember if the right fork got pumped or not- I was interrupted by a phone call so it's comming apart and will be re-done. The 120mm level brings up an interesting question. The owner's manual dosen't mention the removing the distance or adjuster collars. The service manual has you adding oil to 120 mm with distance collar and the adjuster collar removed. I would suspect there would be at least a 5mm diference. Any suggestions? :)

i run mine with 110mm from the top of the tube, spring out, fully pumped and compressed. 3 wt works good.

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