You Boys looking for something like this

Not even


For those kinds of distances I take a train or a plane...............

Take the rally stuff off and add electric start and I'll think about it.

I think it's cool bike. But Stevethe, I'm don't understanding the question in your title. Are you selling one of these bikes? Are you a dealer for new Dakar type, or ralley type, Yamaha 450's?

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Not selling one of the pretty machines. It just that the Yamaha ad seems to introduce the new Dakar bike. Correct me if I'm wrong but it appears the bike is likely a six speed backwards motor electric start new WR450 bike to come in sheep's Dakar clothing.

I didn't see a starter motor but it's probably up front behind the fairing.  Looks like the 250s have it up front.  The green button looks like a starter button.

Nope, I don't enjoy riding dirt roads that much.

How do we know it's a six speed?

And I wonder if/doubt it'll come with the hydro clutch.

All in all, though, between the new WR and YZFX, I think we're in for some cool news in the next few months.

I think the low pipe helps if you want to put saddlebags on your bike. I'm thinking of the smaller backpack style that Wolfman makes, or GiantLoop. The hight pipe location, such as it is on a WR or a YZ, causes the saddlebag to be further away from the bike. I like riding with small saddlebags on my off road day trips.

I'd also like to try the Dakar style cowl, with my GPS mounted in there.

All in all, I think these Dakar bikes would make a great dual sport.

But then... my next breath is oogling over a YZ250 2-stroke or a KTM or Husky 2-stroke, wanting to experience the agility of a little less weight.

There's one place I could pull 20 lbs or so from my current WR. I could reduce the size of the sack of potatoes that's mounted rear of the gas tank. :ride: 

It's said many times over in forum chat, " ain't the bike, just say'n..."   

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