Which: Hydraulic Brake Light Switch XR650

Which Hydraulic Brake Light Switch fits XR650 Rear?

Is it 10mmx1.25mm or 10mmx1.00mm?



You're in luck. I installed one in the front and back master cylinders a few months back and I kept the package. I have a 2000 XR650R, and it took the 10x1.25. It should be the same. I had all the parts ready to minimize fluid loss, and didn't even need to bleed the system. Some people here might say I'm nuts for not bleeding, but I've had the bike out several times, and the brakes work fine. Just don't over tighten it. I bought the K&S brand (I think from Dennis Kirk), and the part number is 12-0010. Good Luck!

Gary :)

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