Aftermarket kickstart? (03 450), i hate my stock one.

So does anyone know of an aftermarket replacement for the stock OEM kickstarter?  I hate mine with my riding boots on.   Not so bad with work boots, but riding boots are slick as hell, and i constantly slide off the damn kickstarter.   To the point, i've put a hole in the side of my fox boot!!!   talk about pissing me off.  


i saw hammerhead kickstarts, but they only make them for 2010 to 2015 yz 450's =(    not sure if it will fit my 2003 yz450.




(i searched the forums and found nadda on this subject)



You could try grip tape or take a grinder to it.

Maybe a new kicker? It's 12 years old. Also make sure you're leg is kicking down, not outward.

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