Swingarm spacers where

Can someone point me to a diagram that shows the swingarm spacers on a YZ426? I can't locate them on any of the parts diagrams... I feel like a jackass, when I took my motor out of the frame I neglected to look at where the spacers where placed and how many of them there were. Putting motor back in now and I only found 3 spacers all different sizes and I suspect there should be 4. Kind of killing me that I had no problem rebuilding the entire motor top & bottom, and now I'm stuck because of some stupid spacers haha...

My god this is driving me crazy, it just seems idiotic that I can not find these spacers on any parts diagrams or even in the service manual. WTF can someone please shed some light? Atleast tell me if I should have 4 spacers not 3?

You need the factory service manual

The parts fiche will have generic drawings only



are you looking for #23 in http://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/2001-yamaha-yz426f-yz426fn/o/m145769#sch112855 ?


or something more like #7, #8, #9 or #10 in http://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/2001-yamaha-yz426f-yz426fn/o/m145769#sch116886 ? (note that #7 is actually a thrust washer, thrust bearing and another thrust washer all stacked up together in the diagram)


Not sure there's anything more to see- I just rebuilt the entire linkage setup in my WR426 and I think that between those two diagrams, all the parts are accounted for...



Neither of those are what I'm after. There are some thin spacers maybe 1/8 thick by 1 5/8 or so, that are sandwhiched between the frame and the outside of the swingarm. I remember them falling out when I pulled the swingarm pin out. I can't even find the swingarm pin in any of the diagrams, I would assume the spacers would be shown with it... And all the 3 that I have now are different sizes so I'm not sure what goes where and really think there should be a 4th one.

The swingarm pin goes through part 23 in the diagram.

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Ok, so I am infact retarded... I have been looking at the swingarm in the diagram backwards the whole time. I'm just going to order a rebuild kit, should have everything i need.

There you go!



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