Battery tender advice

I have a 03 wr450. The local yamaha shop says I can only use a special battery tender designed for that battery.

I not going to spend 80 dollars for a charger. Can anyone know where I can get one at a good price. Thanks

Did he give you any explanation why? As long as you use a charger that's rated at 12V, and within the charging current range: 0.6A for slow charge (5-10h) or 3A for a fast charge (1h) it should be fine. :)

There's nothing exotic or weird about the battery. It's just a 12V sealed lead acid battery. Sears sells some reasonably priced tenders in that charging range.

I have done the following to my dead WR450 battery:

I set a regular car battery charger to 2 amps and only charged for 45 minutes or so, checking it a few times to make sure the battery didn't get too warm. Worked great. This would not be good for the battery if done repeatedly.

Every few weeks, if I am not going to be riding, I try to run my bike for 5 minutes in the garage to condition the battery and keep everything lubed. Its not too cold here in Socal, so that helps.

This will sound cheesy but you can make one yourself if you don't mind having to remember to disconnect it. Go to radio shack get a 12V AC - DC converter (like the kind used to charge kids ride on electric cars), a small spool of 12GA wire 2 ring terminals that fit your battery terminals, 1 male and 1 female modular connector.

Cut two pieces of wire about 6in strip the ends and attach the ring terminals to one end of each wire, and place them under your battery terminal screws (make sure you mark the ends with their polarity). Install one of the modular connectors to the end of these wires. Cut the end of the converter strip the wires and install the other modular connector. Make sure that the polarity of the converter mates to the correct wires comming off of the battery (- to -, + to +). You can wire tie the battery leads under the side pannel while riding the just cut the wire tie when you get home and connect to the charger, no removing the side pannel to charge the battery. you should tape up the connector while riding.

Anyway this is cheap (under $20) and a fun little project that works. I did this because I had an e-starter and wanted to go riding one saturday and found out friday night my battery was dead, and I did not have a kicker on the bike, and I had all the stuff at home. It worked well, used it for 2 yrs then finally bought a battery tender from for $50

As said above the charging time will depend on the amperage of the converter. And remember you would have to disconnect it since these little converters do not float


Try the Battery Tender Jr. It is rated at .75 amps charge which is well within the specs for the stock battery and comes with a nice harness with a connector to install on the bike. I have mine behind the air box cover. Just pop the cover off and plug the charger in. Check it out here:

Battery Tender Jr.

Bought mine here for $19.95:

AZ Motorsports

Your dealer is feeding you a line. Try it you'll like it. :)

Man, do I have the answer for you! Get this one from Dennis Kirk. (click on link below) I have several of these. It retails for $13.99 and works for 6 and 12 volts, charges about 1/4 amp. I have a trail 90 which is 6 volt and lots of other stuff that uses 12 volts. It comes with one pigtail connector, buy an extra pigtail for $1.99 each, get one for everything you have that uses a battery (including your riding mower too) and mount a pigtail to each rig. Now all you do it just connect the cord to the pigtail, have it in an area easily accessible, and plug-n-roll! Oh, I have bought one extra set of leads, and with this, I added some battery charger ends to it so I can just charge a battery on the bench by just clipping it on. This will keep the battery fully charged, and in the off season, this is what will shorten the life of a good battery, letting it run down!! :) Here is the link to the charger at Dennis Kirk and add this number in your basket for each extra pigtail (28-983) :D :D :D

i'm with toyota. i got the same product as an emgo. extra connectors for a couple bucks. they stop charging when the battery is charged. it may not be the "smart" charger the high dollar ones are but they do the job and won't fry your battery.

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