YZ426F & YZ250F For Sale

2002 YZ426F $5199 plu shipping, YZ250f $4949 out the door plus shipping. Call For Shipping. (250)545-5381 Zach

It doesn't bother me, but I thought Thumpertalk (along with most Buletin Boards) are against posts like his. If you want to advertise your business...pay up like everybody else.

cal can i have the # for the 5000.00 OTD 2002 426. they are 5800 + tax and assembly or more here


How much to ship to Texas???

I can drive about 10 miles down the road from my house and get an '02 426 for $5000 otd.

Isn't this spamming? :)

Either way you look at it $5199 is still a great price for a new 02' 426!


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