2013 WR450 Skid Plate

I'm looking for some help on what members are using for a skid plate on a 2013 WR450? There seems to be very few out there available for this model. I'm looking for a plastic skid plate, and not crazy expensive.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



it comes with a plastic plate at least my 09 did

I'm running the stock plastic plate on my 2013. Otherwise, I know that a lot of guys are running the plastic plate from TM Designworks. It's around $120

Yeah it has the stock plastic skid plate, but looking for something with a little more coverage for the AZ rocks. I'll look into the TMD skid plate. Thanks!

I bought the ACD Racing skid plate for $140. To my knowledge, there is not one with better protection. It looks great too.

I use a eline carbon fiber. Moose makes the same one. Awesome and light. I've been running in the Mojave desert and have had no problems at all. The one thing u will notice is the Rhine noise will be amplified and sound funny at low speeds but protection wise.... AWESOME!!

Engine noise*

I use the ACD Racing one too. It is quite and looks great.




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That's a clean looking bash plate

+1 nice plate

Hyde racing is indestructable, and will also allow the frame to flex normally.

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