Cr vs Yzf

I recently rode my friends cr450 and was wondering what others thought about the bike. It had good power and light handling,but it was a little quirky.Typical Honda handling!The best thing about the bike was the weight.Is it worth saying the bike is way better?Besides the starting end of it,I would say there is no need for me to buy one till my Yzf falls apart.

quirky? Yes, that is an excellent way to describe it. Maybe it is just being used to the Yamaha that makes the 450 feel like that. I was ready to buy one until I rode one. Now I am going to wait and see what comes out next year.


I've spun a few laps on a CR450F. It's a pretty sweet ride. It's definitely lighter and it starts a little easier. Great motor and awesome looks. But for me, no thanks, I prefer the handling and the awesome hit of my 426. I think both bikes are incredible and each one has it's pros & cons. I don't think the CR is superior contrary to what they say. They're just different. So for me, I never considered selling my 426 to get a CR - that ain't gonna happen. Maybe it's worth it for some, but not for me. Now to have 1 of each is an entirely different ball game - that would be nice.



for whats its worth, i own an 01' 426 and think its the funnest bike i ever ridden.contrary to the "hard starting rumor" my bike fires right up

hot or cold.the only thing i dont care much for is the oil changes(every two rides).it runs great and handles friend bought the 450 and let me ride it,my thoughts are:lower and flatter than the 426.docile seeming engine till you twist it a little more then hold on (plenty of power) and it is a 10 on the great looking scale.still it handles great and unless you are an expert there is nothing wrong with the front end.for my money the seperation of engine/tranny oil is a great idea but not worth the extra advice

is test ride em both and make your own decision.

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