May I ride your 2015 YZ450F ? Greater So Cal area.

Thinking about getting the new YZ450FX, and I want to see if the Ergos are acceptable for my 6'3" 250 lb frame.


Just need to spend 10 min on your YZ.


I will pay your way, if needed.

Prefer non-track environment.


Yes, I know it will need seat/bars/peg to really fit me well.


I have tried the KTM's, but even with substantial ergo upgrades, they are still to small for my riding style.



I've got a '14 with FastWay drop pegs, stock bar height, stock seat height.  Works great for me at 6' (I usually find most bikes too cramped).


I'm in Ventura.  No idea what my riding plans are for the weekend yet.  Bike sees track and trails.

I will be riding Rowher flats secret trails or LNPF, if you are interested

I am willing to sweeten the deal with beer or gas money or something, there guys.


I want to try a new reverse engine bike, mostly just for the Ergos.



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