Broken Rear Spoke. Safe to ride?

I just noticed I have a broken rear spoke. Is this safe to ride for the short term(100 miles)?

I tried to remove the spoke by turning the nipple but it turned both directions without coming out. How do you remove the spoke? And is it just a question of putting a new one in there?

i just went through this a couple weeks back on my xr400. on the rear wheel of our bikes there are two different sizes. the honda parts fiche won't tell which one is which so i ended up buying one of each part number. not expensive like $2 a pop. then you need a spoke wrench, the universal one is around $5. what you do is loosen and kind of undo the spoke that are in the way of inserting the new one, i had to do about 4 or 5. it is an easy just you just have to start it. if you hold the spoke in your left hand and a spoke nipple in your right, you turn the nipple clockwise to tighten, and all the spoke are like that. it simple but i always thought spoke were reverse threaded or were threaded different on both sides.

yeah, i'd say its safe, i probably did the last years LABtoV with that broken spoke

Its safe-but you should take/cut it out, or zip tye the loose spoke to another.

I thought it would be safe to ride with one broken spoke on my xr400 and the next thing I knew was another broke and another and another. At the end I had to replace like 6 of them. HOnda put them on for me for about 30 bucks. So it wasnt that big of a deal to put a new one on.

Good info. After sleeping on it, I plan on fixing it prior to my next ride. I'd hate to be 40 miles from the truck with a wheel coming apart.

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