Attn. Pipe Manufacturers!!

Please start making QUIET hi-po pipes for the new generation of 4-strokes. They are definitely needed and will be great sellers.

I will second that.

How much difference is there between perception and reality? If it's louder it's gotta be faster, right? :)

C'mon everybody, let's put some pressure on these guys. If we don't quiet our bikes down, soon we will have no place to ride them!! White Bros, thunder alley, big gun, etc...where's the quiet systems? You gonna let FMF sell the only one(which is kinda crappy and overpriced)?

I'm on your side with the quiet pipe issue, but to play devils advocate for a moment:

<devils advocate>

If the loud pipes are selling more than the quiet pipes then that is where they will put their marketing and research money. When people start spending more on quiet pipes then manufacturers will see the demand and will start to compete for that market. Without demand there is little drive to get into that market.

</devils advocate>

Now switching back to the rider side for a minute, it would be great if someone would make a quiet pipe with the same power as the stock pipe. Even if it's a few pounds heavier I would get one! I wish that they would realize that many of these bikes are used on public land and if the land keeps closing then they will sell far fewer pipes (maybe none if the sport dies!?), so lets have the quiet pipes!

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