That makes sense. I'll have to get some new pads ordered. What do you recommend with my set up?

As far as the pads surface being worn to the old rotor, you could not tell visually. I didn't ride it long enough with the stock rotor to case any visible wear. I'm sure scuffing them on some sand paper would have been a good idea, but didn't think about that at the time. As for as them being glazed over, I am not sure. They look basically new, so I am not sure.

PS Slotracer, taking the rotor off and sandblasting it is not an option since it I brand new. After all that work, I may touch it with an oily hand installing it and be back to square one. Also, I had no idea brake cleaner would glass the rotor.

Galfer HH Sintered Pads...

Galfer HH Sintered Pads...


Brake cleaners, real ones, leave virtually no residue.  That's one of the points to having made the stuff, the other being that they won't damage rubber parts.  Around cars, we used to use it as a follow-up to remove the residue left by carb cleaners when we were cleaning surfaces to be sealed by silicone type sealers.  It WILL NOT glaze the rotor.  That's simple BS.

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