Getting the Thumper Ready for Riding Season

Hey Everyone,

I finally got my new clutch yesterday and installed it today. Piece of cake!

I checked the valves last weekend, and only one was out of spec - the right exhaust. [A bit tight.]

So anyway, I put the bike back together today and fired it up. The valve train was loud - almost sounded like a "clacking" noise. Something's not right!

I turned it off after about 30 seconds to a minute of listening to it. What the @#$%???

Anybody have any ideas what might be going on with the old XR600? :)

I had that happen on my 600 once when I adjusted the valves and it turned out that I got a false reading on my feeler guage somehow due to the decompression lever/linkage on that valve. I had the valve spot on and thought I was done only to have the thing sound like crap. When I went back in the same valve was as loose as can be. When I went back in and did it again all was good. I never had to take the xr600 apart so I never saw just how the mechanism worked to fully know just what happened. I had the cable adjusted correctly and all but for some reason I had it at TDC on compression stroke and after set at the proper clearance the next bit of movement and all of a sudden it was far to loose. Hope this helps :)

I'm thinking you're right on this one - the auto-decompression was probably engaged or something.

When I started the bike last night, the compression was horrendous, and I could hardly kick it over. (but my legs were thrashed from skiing the night before)

My guess it that the auto-decompression is giving me grief, and the valve(s) is/are loose.

I'll re-check everything. Thanks :)

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