Replacing Coolant on the 426

I bought the premixed 50/50 (gasp) Honda coolant and just poured it in the radiator. Seems to be working OK so far.

Straight water will cool better than a mix of water and antifreeze. Basically, the only reason you run "coolant" or "antifreeze" is to prevent freezing. I run straight distilled water in the warm months and add "coolant" for the cold months. If you're asking about running straight "coolant" and no way.

the coolant is not only used for freezing, also acts as a lubricant for waterpump...using straight water will shorten the life of the waterpump seal..but you are right about water cooling better...we live in TX so the winters arent to bad..i add enough coolant to be safe but tend to have a 70/30 mix....i use regular anti-freeze mixed with de-ionized water


The coolant also protects the metal that it comes in contact with from corroding.

I will be replacing mine with "ENGINE ICE", I hear alot of good things about this stuff. I was told it will drop your engine temp. a good bit. And we know these things like to run hot, Any comments? THANX! ~Hitman~

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I have seen differing suggestions on replacing the coolant on the 426. The Manual states 1/1 using a none corrsive Aluminum Friendly Coolant with distilled water. I have also heard (Confliction) from diff Yamah dealers its ok and not ok to keep the Coolant Pure (No Mixture)

I come from an older genration of one lungers, in fact I raced 40 inchers prior to migrating to thumpers. So whats the real story

I use dex-cool to protect the aluminum in the engine and it has worked well at 50/50 with soft water.

Any or you guys try Water Wetter. I know most of the guys around here that race Sprint Cars and other dirt track cars at the local track use it and love it. They say it lowers the engine temp by atleast 7-12 degrees.

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