securing BRP on a flatbed

Has anyone tried using a product like the "Bike Shoe" (Shop TT, part no. 53-151) or an equivalent? Just looking for a way to secure during transport without spring compression. Many thanks.

I use a "ForkSaver" in combination with a removable 3 1/2" wheel chock. I ratchet to the front down via the handle bars and compress the forks on to the fork saver. I then use a third strap from the right foot peg to the wheel chock to cinch the bike up in to the chalk. If done right, the bike barely wobbles at freeway speeds. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the front wheel. :)

We've been using bike shoes in our trailer for about two years now and they work great even on bumpy dirt roads. It's super quick to secure/unsecure our bikes and I've been very pleased with them.

I've got a simple but effective method that will get you by. Get out your screw gun and some 2x4" (or larger) scaps. I'm assuming here that the flatbed is wood? Screw down two boards to hold the front wheel on either side. Put a third one in front of the tire if you want. Use Ancra tie downs (not those crappy ratcheting kind), one around the rear wheel pulling rearwards, and then a pair on the handlebars pulling down and slightly forwards. But first, cut a 2 x 4 to fit under the front fender. Those fork saver things are great, but a 2 x 4 works just as well, and you won't be as upset when you lose it.

As an option, the rear wheel can be boxed in with 2 x 4s as well.

Stuffing something under the front fender helps to stabilize the bike, but the idea that squashing the forks wrecks seals and springs is mostly false. The seals take much more punishment when you land from jumps, and a good quality spring can be compressed repeatedly all the way to coil bind without losing free length.

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