03 wr450 tusk lighting kit headlight help.

Alright I can not get my headlight to work at all. I have a rocky stator set up for dc. I have tried to get the headlight to work and no luck. I bought a new socket for the headlight and need some help figuring out what to do.



A little more info here.

So my bike had a switch to power the headlight and the tail light. So it was running dc before correct as I could turn it on while not running. I am not able to find out a way to bypass this switch that I dont want as the tusk gives me one. What can I do to get this setup for dc using the tusk harness?

I am guessing i am over looking something. I have looked at other threads and i onky have the wires that are running from my headlight which are 3 wires what do i do with these wires? The help is much appreciated. I do have everything else tusk sent in and it is great. They have changed a few things from the kit also.

I put a tusk kit on my last bike so going a little from memory here.  It's a good kit, but when it comes to the headlight it's just a little confusing.  As I recall, their kit does not provide power to the headlight through their harness.  Think of their kit as more or less of just a handlebar switch to turn the power on or off to your headlight.  So unlike the way the horn and blinkers and such get power through the Tusk harness, the headlight does not.  So what I did was to run a negative from the battery directly to the negative on the light (or to the negative on the handlebar switch if it has one).  Then a positive from the battery that goes through the wiring on their handlebar switch and then onto the light.  So their switch for the headlight is only switching on and off the power to the headlight that you feed to the switch .  If you were to actually take the handlebar switch apart, as I did, you can clearly see if you follow the wires through the unit around, none of the wires for the headlight connect at all to the main harness that does get power for the blinkers, horn, and tail light.  Their instructions don't explain it very well or maybe not at all, but it will all work out once you account for that.  Good luck.

Alright, that clears it up. Thanks bud i will be giving it a shot again.

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