Help ? 2010 yzf 450

basically flipped the bike and it literally won't start atall or bump no sign of life wondered if it could be flooded ? Don't really no much about these new yzf and not sure if they can be drained ? Or if it would be anything else ?

It's a 2010 Yamaha yz450f

Have you inspected all the wiring? Maybe something came loose or pulled out when you flipped it?

I've had a very good look around cant see any obvious signs I will be sure to have a good look again tomorrow

Pull the plug and see if it's oil-fouled.

Will try that Any other suggestions

If you have no spark then I would check your kill switch. What part of the bike hit first. I would check there first.

Get a tuner and look for any fault codes as well. If there's a code you can start by checking the ohms on sensors and continuity test the wires/harness

Took all plastics off found one of the plugs

Wasn't in its correct places so connected it fires

Up first kick literally but when it's rode its

Spluttering in almost all gears on first quarter

Of the rev any suggestions ?

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