2004 wr450?

I currently have a 2006 suzuki ltz 400 with a 434 stroker kit. I was looking at trading it for a dirtbike.

I believe that i will trade with someone locally who has a 2004 wr450f. He has never done any cylinder work and he stated it doesnt smoke. Only mods ate jetting, yz exhaust? And a boysen powershot and side cover.

My question is, what should i look for on this bike?

The last dirtbike i had was an kx500 two stroke in the 90's.

I do all of my own work.

Things that i could tell it needed initially:

Foot pegs

Number plate.

It still ahd the origional decals and the origional tires. The tires look almost jew treadwise, but they are dry rotted.

I have looked up replacement plastics and tures and am fine with the cost.

How fast should this be in comparison to my race prepped quad?

Sorry my spelling may be crazy, i am posting from my phone and it only shows about 4 letters at a time.

Fast for what? That is a widely used term for bikes. I would also make sure you check the valves.

I will check the valves.

I am not looking for a race bike.

I want to play with my kids on their toys.

I am looking for a list of things to check for.

I will get outthe feeler guages and look up the tolerances.

Are there any potenyial issues that i can look out for?

From what I have read myself is nake sure the valves are in spec and have fun. You will need to change oil often due to it having a small oil capacity. This bike will do everything you want and some. I would just look at it as what would you rather have a bike or quad?

I had never owned a quad before this one, and it just isnt my thing.

I started riding dirtbikes when i was 7 and ended up selling my last one when i was 19 (1999).

I have also been into cycling my whole life. I competed all over the world on bmx bikes then as an adult i transitioned to mountain bikes.

I feel a dirtbike would be a better fit for me. I dont care about all out speed as I could just hop on a street bike for that. I have 9 acres behind my house that we have built and setup solely for trail riding for my kids. The 4 wheeler was almost too fast for this and due to my own stupidity was modified past reliable.

I have spemy about 4 or 5 days reading through the forus in search for small ingots of knowledge and it has helped me to make the decision to go through with the trade.

My only fears are the few posts i have found where people seemingly grenade their motors. Hopefully that doesnt happen to me.

As soon as i recieve the bike i plan on completely dissasembling the bike and sending all the steel parts to be powdercoated. I also am planning at minimum a ring replacement, but am sure it will take a little more to get the bike perfect.

I already have parts in my cart on ebay that once all the paperwork is done and the bike is on my possesion i will click "buy it now"

In cart:

All new plastics

Engine gasket set

Higher capacity fuel tank

Fork seals

Front and rear tires

I have been looking at stroker kits and at big bore kits, but am trying to hold off as i usually end up modifying something until its not fun anymore.

In the meantime some new coilovers are on the way for my car so that will keep me tied over...

Thank you for the help on the valve adjustment.

Other than that i will just keep an eye out for wet shocks, wet notor parts, rust, un-replaced chain guide....the typical stuff.

Other than your crappy spell check on your phone, the 2004 WR450 is a solid machine.   It should last forever, if properly maintained.  Mine has over 20K on it and the motor is still original. 

Valve adjustments, changing the oil regularly and changing your air filter after riding in the dirt will keep the bike running.


You should service the shock, forks, swing arm, and headset to get a good baseline on a maintenance schedule. 


I would also, service the carb.  In other words, I would give it a good overhaul, then you won't have to piece meal identifying problems.

Crappy spell check and me being an engineer = horrendous spelling.

I planned the typical stuff.

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