New 2015 Yz450

So I was at the track the other day in Calgary and the Yamaha race crew was there and let me test the performance edition 15 which is just a bunch of aftermarket parts slapped onto a new bike without any different settings, so I hopped on and did two laps and it was like riding a 1998 XR 200. It bogged out and sputtered I just about dropped the front end off a couple of the big doubles. Do not buy these dealer performance models(or race ready) they don't perform as well as if you do all the work and make sure the fuel injection is going to put out for your mods.

Performance mods? Never heard of this from any dealer...

And even the most dumbed down YZ450F would decimated a XR200.

Edited by Monk

There is no official "performance edition" of the YZ450F from Yamaha or GYT-R, so no one can tell what might have been done to the bike as far as mapping.  The YZ already IS the performance edition, anyway.  Maybe they were afraid someone would hurt themselves if they left it with the stock, 58 horsepower map in place?


Either way, don't blame the bike.

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