help me get a clue.

Why is it that Ricky Carmichael has a #4 instead of #1?

Just becuase he can!! As the champ he can choose to run his #4 that is his number until he retires or fails to earn a certain number of points, or he can run the #1 the year following his championship. Does that make sence to ya.

sure does. thanks bro.

Ricky had the right to the number one plate but choose to stay with the number 4. Just like Pastrana held on to 199 (well, for a short while) and LaRocco is holding onto number 5.

Numbers in the AMA are now like they are in NASCAR. They are part of the rider's identity, not rank. This makes for great marketing and all that stuff you buy representing your favorite rider. He's now not just Ricky, he's the mighty number 4.

After the AMA and Clear Channel get hold of themselves, you'll soon see the number "4" in the rear window of pick-up trucks, just like you see the number 3 of Dale Earnhart Sr, or the "43" of long time king Richard Petty.


I always thought it was the amount of time he was #1, 4 times I thought

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