2015 YZ450f - weak welds?

This is the second time I've had a welded part break off.  Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with their '15 450f or 250f?


The first time, the tabs broke off the frame where the sub frame mounts.  It was a bad crash, but it really should not have broken there.


This time, my chain guide mounting bracket snapped off my swingarm right at the welds during a trail ride.  It sucked all the way around and thankfully during that event it peeled my chain off my back sprocket instead of slamming it into my case.  *shudders*

I had an '09 450f swingarm on my old YZ250.  Lighter, bigger axle, blah blah blah.  I broke the swingarm twice around the chainguide mounts and then got the hell rid of it.  I'm constantly worried about that happening to my '14.  At the first sign of anything happening to it I'm going to have gussets welded all over the chainguide mount.

You know, they make chain guides that bolster up the stock tabs, so they won't break off.


This is not a 'Yamaha' problem.


All Jap bikes have this issue.





I'd agree that I've seen the rear chain guide tabs bend or break on other models. A TM designs or similar product may lessen the possibility of this, but I just bent/broke the mount for my chain guide in the process of bending my TM designs unit. It did not break at the weld though as you describe. A rock will break the guide and swing arm mounts if you hit it right. I had a friend make me a custom chain guide mount guard similar to what companies sell for KTM/Huskys.

It became more of a Yamaha problem than it was before '09.  Swingarm tabs got significantly weaker in that year.





I'm taking it in to get a fresh weld today - but there's the pics in case you guys were curious.


THanks for the replies.

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