Exhaust springs for header - ID help?



I searched through pinned stuff and didn't see anything that helped.


I have an '03 WR450, and I thought the exhaust was stock, but the header looks different than the OEM exploded view.


My header slips onto a separate connector (gold colored) that gets bolted (one bolt, one 6mm hex) to the exhaust port through a separate flange.

The header then slips over that connector and is held in place by 2 springs.


I'm missing those springs, and my 2 strokes use 75mm, which are too long.





Can anyone identify which header I have, so I can buy the proper length springs?

Pictures are attached.  






That little bolt on part of the header seems odd to me...

Someone please correct me if wrong but it kinda looks like someone cut the oem header down so some other header would slip over it?

Why not just have them welded together if it runs great?

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