XR650L D-606 Ride Report

Finally went off-roading with my new D-606 yesterday here in So Cal. Great time. Excellent texture out at McCain Valley.

This Dunlop hooks up! No more spinning or slipping. I could ride standing up almost the entire time instead of having to keep weight on the rear end for traction.

I also swapped out the stock countershaft sprocket and put on the 14-toother. Great combination for the really tight banked S-turns out there. I was in second gear all day without lugging it and without the standard clutch (ab)use.

Finally got a good dirt set-up for my XRL here in SD. :)

Sounds Like you had some fun Dual-Dog!

What size D-606 do you run in the rear? Is it the 120/90x18?

I might have to try one out. I like the big and spacy knobs on the tire, they look like they can hold up both on and off the road. At $50.00 bucks, they are a cheeper alternative then then my $71.00 Pirelli Mt21.

Let us know if the chunk or wear funny.

Later :)

What's up jstevens?

Thanks for asking. Yessir, it was a GREAT time. I've never ridden high-banked berms that were so close together. Before you ended the current turn you're having to set up for the next one, 3 & 4 in a row!

A long-time friend of mine that I've never ridden with before was on his '02 650R. He races the Baja 500 & the Southwest Hare Scrambles. He was literally doing circles around us novices. It was impressive to watch him rip it up like he was riding a 250 2-smoke! I've definitely got some catching up to do (I wish). Just gotta get out there and ride more! :)

I've got the 120/90-18 and it fits nicely in the swing arm. No rubbing at all. The sidewalls are like steel! My XR650R buddy says they race Dunlops because you can run them after flatting since they are so stiff. :D

I tell you what, I glad I decided to do a little PM work today after yesterday's thrashing. Some spokes, both front & rear, were pretty loose. And I found an 1/8" dent in my BD plate. It paid for itself with that one hit alone. The strange part is I don't even remember hitting anything! :D

Hope you're gettin' some ridin' in this winter. I'll keep you posted about how this one wears.

Yeah, it sounds like you had a blast. Let me know how they hook on the pavement, after you get some time on them. :)

They handle great for the tread thats on them. They have a more rounded profile so you get good cornering ,even off road. Mine seem to be wearing well with 200 street and about 100 dirt miles so far.

Yeah D Dog , You finally ditched the stock tires and gearing! Maybe someday you'll go with 600R gearing and Real Knobbies and see what the bike can really DO ! :)

Yo, Jstevens, just wanted to let you know I just picked up a pair of Pirelli MT21 at http://store.azmusa.com for under $120 including shipping AND two MSR heavy duty tube!! :) They say $10 shipping per tire, but both me and a buddy were charged $10 shipping for two tires.


Someday, maybe someday. For now I'm making slow but steady progress turning the XRL into, well, an XRL! :)

I've accepted the fact that I have only 1 bike for more than 1 purpose. That's why they (used to) call them dual purpose bikes.

"Dual Sport" sounds like some frickin' made up marketing term to get the yuppies with too much disposable income to buy these bikes with no intentions of EVER riding them off road. Kind of like SUV's with all those great off-road capabilities that will never see anything more than an suburban mud puddle!

Yeah I remember when they were called Dual Purpose bikes. Actually, I think Suzuki coined the phrase 'Dual Sport'. I like DP better myself. :)

Thanks for the good info once again DOG. The 606 was my first choice. Got to overthinking the whole process. Was doin the whole overthinking thing when the, "Does size matter?" question popped into my head. Now what to do about the front.

Tell you what porkr, this is an excellent usergroup here. I found this site by doing some serious searching. I read some of the messages in all the different forums and that was it. Huge knowledge base and relevant & useful discussions. :D

I only joined 2 groups that I felt were worth it, and combined I've learned more in the last 5 months than I have in 20 years! I've done bike mods that I've never even heard of, let alone thought I'd ever attempt. :)

And it's all because I went out and bought another XRL 'cause I couldn't take being without a (Honda) AAV (All-terrain Assault Vehicle) any longer! :D

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