Burned up clutch? Maybe?

Last night I was out riding some trails with some pretty steep rocky terrain so I was riding my clutch a lot. About half way up a pretty steep hill I pulled in the clutch lever, when I released it the bike didn't move, it was like the clutch was stuck disengaged. The lever pull had a little bit of play in it prior to this, but now is super stiff. And I could smell something burning. its like the clutch is permanently disengaged and wont fully engage to allow the bike to have any sort of usable power. I tried letting it cool down for a while and even loosened the clutch cable trying to get some power, (I was stuck at the bottom of a canyon and it was getting dark so I was in a bit of a panic) After a while I was finally able to get the clutch to work just enough to make it up to the main road and then coast back down to my truck. Im really not sure whats wrong with it, My intuition says that my clutch is burned up, but any advise would be appreciated.


The bike is a 2004 YZ450F 

I had changed the oil and coolant prior to this ride. both fluid levels are still full. 



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The bike has power when the clutch is ENGAGED.  A fried clutch slips, that is it isn't engaging.


EDIT:  warped or broken disk?

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Make sure your cable is not frayed and binding in the housing. If cable is free, make sure there is free play in the lower rod going into the crankcase.

Pull the clutch cover and check the throwout rod freeplay, pull pressure plate spring bolts and inspect springs, plates and basket.

There is no free play anywhere right now, Im about to rip into it and see whats going on. 

No freeplay in the cable, means it is the cable, no need to rip into anything.

There has to be free travel or it's like holding the lever half way in and expecting it not to slip.


Probably too late to save the clutch plates, though.

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