XR600 Suspension

I have a 94 XR600 and lets just say I weigh more than what the stock springs were made for. I have been riding this thing for 10 years with the stock springs and not knowing any better it seemed fine to me. I was thinking of finaly setting up the suspension for my weight. Should I just go buy new springs or do I need to buy racetech valves too or send it out to have somebody else revalve it? I sure would be nice if I only need to spend under $200 for fork and shock springs pop those babies in there.

I would just try the springs first and see how you like it. I'm thinking of gold valves as the forks aren't very adjustable (no shim stack). I talked to a guy about a revalve awhile back but w/ no shims what do they do??. I'm using 5 wt oil at 120mm (right at the minimim, I weigh 205 w/ gear). I bought my bike used and the fork springs look like eibachs (I think they are a bit shorter) w/ a 25mm preload spacer (just like what is specified for their use at the Race Tech website). It's decent, but the initail portion of the stroke is still kinda harsh on the rocks. TT has the best price on the gold valves that I've seen.

So you just did springs without any revalving? Does it ride a lot better. What kind of fluid are you using?

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