Devol rad guards on wr450 03 and 04?

I checked in the microfitch that 03 and 04 rads are the same. So I guess that I do not understand how to mount them :D

If I put them over the rubber pads the back is not long enough, but I do not see how can I insert them between the frame and the radiator :)

Can PLEASE someone post close pics on the rads without the shrouds, or explane ho to put them.


ok I checked and devol gave same radiator set for wr450 03 03 and 04. So if someone use them on 03 please tell me how do you find them? Are you satisfied with the fit? I once had zipty radiator guards and they fit great, I thought I'll give a try to devol, but now I think I'm beggining to regret it...

Mine fit well but you do have to trim some of the internal ribs on your shrouds. The unit bolts on right on top of the radiator mounts. They work well you should be very happy! :)

Do they cover the cloasest to the frame one inch of the radiators?

No they dont go behind the radiator mount. They mount on top of the radiator on the mounts. Therefore there is a gap between the frame and the guard. :)

I hope some branch does not enter this wide open area. The guard for CRF has this extension... I do not know why they did not make the same extension for the WR :)

I welded a piece of alumin and put some holes in it. I guess it will be ok now. Everithing else is great. this guards did not look good untill you put them on the bike. Now everithing is strong and holding.

The best thing is that the rad shrouds bolt on the guard not the dariator, so if some obsticle get the shroud backwards it will not tear off the radiator.

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