Theft Insurance

Called Progressive Insurance per other TT posts and got theft insurance for our 2001 YZ250F, 1997 YZ80, and 1992 Z50 for $125 total for 1 year, $100 deductible.

Can't believe all 3 bikes are covered for only $125 a year!

Get it now guys!!!

I am happy for you RacerX. Unfortunately for us here in NC, NO company will run theft and fire, not progressive or any of the others. It is some state thing which I dont understand. Oh well, got a big chain on mine :) .

-- Charles


That sucks, I thought every other state would insure bikes if they do in AZ. I think we are the number one car theft state in the lower 48 - I think it's a border thing...

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Ditto for West Virginia. I have yet to find any insurance, not even Progressive, to cover my bikes. Maybe I just haven't found the right company. How about it, fellow West Virginians. Anyone know how to insure off-road bikes?


I called progressive about getting theft/fire for my '02(in colorado), and got nowhere. The quotes I got were above $1000 per year, and the guy I talked to(who sounded 1/4 retarded), said I couldn't get those two without all this other b.s. i don't need like bodily injury, uninsured motorist etc. Also I don't see how my driving history would have any influence on someone stealing my bike or my garage burning down. I don't think he understood what I was asking for, eventhough I repeated it about six times. Anybody in CO. who has theft/fire insurance please tell me how you got it, anf through what company, b/c I'd sleep better at night with insurance on my baby.

Mine are insured in Minnesota through American Family.Somewhere around $175.00 a year. And that is for full coverage.

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Well some good advice I could offer is not to deal with just any insurance agent. I have always riden street bikes in addition to dirt bikes. I always deal with someone who specializes in motorcycles only. Believe it or not, when I added my 01 426, they actually gave me a 2 bike discount and $30.00 back! Go figure. My agent is a Proggresive rep. If you go with a car guy you'll probably get some idiot like the poor guy above from Co.

First let me say I hate doing other peoples jobs for them. I am trying to get insurance on my 99 400 and can't find anyone to cover it. Homeowners, (nope) car ins, (nope) even the ins. co. I have on my harley won't cover dirt bikes. I tried calling progresive direct and got some 4 year old that didn't understand english so I finally hung up on them. Anyone in MO that has ins. on their bike let me know. I guess they figure that we all have enough money to burn that if they get stolen or burn we can just open our wallets and buy a new one. Sorry had to vent!

P.S. I forgot to add....if you have... dare I say a quad or atv it would be covered on the homeowners! Under property maintanence vehicle. Tell me how I would maintain my property on a Raptor?

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